SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Issue: Column Ordering Error – Issue Content Type

After the 2010 upgrade, we have come across a strange issue with regard to the column ordering related to the Issue content type. We have a list based on the default Issues list. When we try to change the order of the fields on the list form by clicking on the “Column Order” page under Content Type settings, we are being prompted by an Server/Application error which says “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object”. The stack trace refers to the nullreferenceexception related to the ChangeFieldOrder.aspx application page.

We have tried various ways to troubleshoot the issue such as: When we create a new list and add this content type, the column ordering works fine….the issue persists even after fixing all the javascript errors…..Finally, we have decided to create a New Form using SPD 2010 and update the order. 


Export the list and Import it back. The issue is gone.