Storage Locations & How to Update them?

Local Storage

When installing and configuring SharePoint, most of  the logs by default are configured to be stored in the c: drive. They can be configured to be moved to a new location, however, by default they will be stored in c:. This should be taken into consideration when planning for the amount of storage space allocated for the c: drive or alternately, during configuration the settings can be updated to point to alternate storage locations.

Here is a table of the common log items and the access point to update the default storage location.

Common Local Storage Locations Storage Type Where to Update 

Usage Logs 

Central Administration > Operations > Usage Analysis Processing 
IIS Logs 

IIS Administration 

Diagnostic / ULS Logs 

Central Administration > Operations > Diagnostic Logging 

Index Files 

Set location when create a new SSP
Temp DB Files 

SQL Management Studio 

12 Hive 

These files should not be moved. 


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