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Considerations before planning for a SharePoint Environment

Hi All,

It’s been a while that I have posted something. The reason being….I was on vacation….:-)

Let’s talk about some important points to be considered before planning for a SharePoint environment.

Planning is an important phase of SharePoint environment setup exercise because of the fact that 60-70% of the issues come up if you don’t plan your environment properly and if you haven’t installed SharePoint properly.

So, let’s talk about the things to consider before planning for a SharePoint installation:

1) No. of users
2) Accessibility: Intranet/Extranet/Internet
3) Volume of transactions
4) Kind of transactions
5) Data to be uploaded on the SharePoint sites (in GB/TB)
6) No. Of Geographical Site locations
7) Requirement of Incoming Email Libraries
8) Requirement of Search Functionality
9) Search Usage
10) Usage of InfoPath Services and Excel Services
11) Usage of Personalization features such as MySites
12) Usage of Integration feature Business Data Catalog
13) Availability requirements
14) Ratio of Code & No-code needs (Code brings up a factor of maintenance overhead which is relatively huge sometimes)
15) Multi-Language Support
16) Recovery Server Hardware and then restore sites on Production site.
17) Reporting requirements

You should also consider the future expectations on these aspects (next 5 years or so) in order to make the environment capable and extensible to deal with the future needs.

Please keep in mind that each of these aspects are inter-linked with others and we need to clearly identify the relationships for better flexibility and extensibility standards.

Let me know your thoughts if any.


Pradeep Narsimhula