How to find the no. of weekdays between two dates?


You can replace the StartDate and EndDate entries with the column names of your list.

It works like a charm.


SharePoint Site Collection goes Read-Only during Scheduled STSADM Back-ups

We have come across a strange issue this afternoon that the SharePoint root site collection went Read-Only and none of the users were able to perform any kind of admin operations.

Per our research, we could understand that the SharePoint site collection might have gone Read-Only because of a scheduled STSADM back-up running at that point of time.

With the release of SP2, the “SetSiteLock” option is now ON be default which means that the Site collection is read-only during the back-up operation.

To determine the lock status of the site, you can use the following getsitelock syntax:

stsadm -o getsitelock -url http://server_name

After the site has been backed up, you can use the none parameter of the setsitelock operation to remove all locks to the site:

stsadm -o setsitelock -url http://server_name -lock none

For more information, please refer these articles:

SharePoint Requests Handling Flow-chart – ITIL/MOF Compliant

Hi All,

I am being tasked to come up with a SharePoint Requests Handling flow-chart as we don’t have a process in place.

So, I have created a flow-chart for handling SharePoint related requests in compliance with MOF 4.0 and ITIL Framework guidelines.

Please find attached document for your reference.

SharePoint Requests Handling


Pradeep Narsimhula MCT, CAPM, ITIL (Foundation)

MOSS 2007 – DB Maintenance Plan Specification

Hi All,

Last week, I am being asked to work on a DB Maintenance Plan for the SharePoint environment as the database has crossed over 100 GB and we had experienced few serious issues in the last month.

In this regard, I have created a DB Maintenance Plan based on the white paper: “DB Maintenance – SharePoint Products & Technologies”. Please find attached documents for your reference.

DB Maintenance Plan

DB Maintenance Plan – SharePoint Products & Technologies

This is what I could come up with. Now, I am working on the DB Maintenance Specification – Steps for the SQL DBA Team. Will keep you posted once done.


Pradeep Narsimhula MCT, CAPM, ITIL (Foundation)