SharePoint Server 2010: New SharePoint Features

  • Collaboration Qualities: Improvements
  • Design Goals: Fast & Conceptual, Simple Interface, Reusable components
  • Ribbon: All Office products with implement the Ribbon. Ribbon is a context sensitive area that redraws based on the items you select.
  • UI Improvements: AJX UI, Media Streaming capabilities, Ribbon, Troubleshooting messages, Supports standards
  • Wiki Capabilities: Enabled on all sites and pages by default.

SharePoint Server 2010: Information Architecture changes

  • New Metadata service: which allows using common terms across multiple sites
  • Extensive Social Features: user tagging and ranking that tie into search functionality (knowledge network capability)
  • Multi-user Office support: Office Web Applications now support online editing via multiple users
  • Search Improvements: Search and FAST search have engulfed enterprise search capabilities
  • Large Repository Support: More improved LIST maximums with better manageability features
  • Digital Asset Support: Support for silverlight, audio and video files